Gilberto, Software Engineer

After meeting the Liberty IT team at September’s Career Zoo event, Gilberto applied for the position of Software Engineer and joined the company late 2014.  Gilberto shares with us his experience of working for Liberty IT so far…

What were your first impressions of the Liberty IT team when you met us at the September Career Zoo event?

It was such a huge event with so many people that I felt a bit lost there to be honest!  I came to Ireland from my home country, Brazil, looking for an opportunity to build upon and improve my professional career and thought attending Career Zoo would open doors for me to do so.  Although most companies at the event seemed nice, the team at Liberty IT was very friendly and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

What made you apply for a role with Liberty IT?

I chatted with someone at the stand about the job roles available and how to apply for vacancies and after learning there were roles appropriate for my skills, I input my contact details into a specially designed app and the next week, I received an email from Liberty IT with an invite to join their recruitment selection process.

What have been the highlights of your first few weeks of employment?

A highlight for me has been the people who are very friendly, hardworking and honest.  Also, the work environment is very comfortable and employees have access to the latest technology.

Would you recommend Liberty IT to prospective candidates?

Yes, absolutely. Lots of people I know have come to Ireland looking for similar opportunities to the one I was seeking and I’d be very happy to recommend Liberty IT to them as a great place to work and develop their skills.

What advice would you give to people coming to our stand at Career Zoo on 21st February?

I’d recommend they go along and see what opportunities are available and try to find out as much information as they can that could help their job success.  I was a teacher in Brazil and enjoyed using my knowledge to help the local communities and since coming to Ireland, I’ve tried to continue to help those looking for a job, in whatever way I can.  For example, I recently gave a presentation in SEDA college, sharing my experiences of successful job interviews.