Liberty IT Welcomes Scott Ambler, Recognised Thought Leader in the Agile Community

Employees at Liberty IT recently welcomed one of the great names in the software industry, Toronto-based Scott Ambler, to their Belfast offices.  As a Senior Consulting Partner of Scott Ambler + Associates, Scott travels the world providing training, coaching, and mentoring in disciplined Agile and Lean strategies, helping organisations to improve their software processes.

During his time at the company, Scott presented to the 340-strong workforce and held a number of discussion-led open sessions with teams of employees.  He shared his decades of practical experience and sound advice on achieving successful and productive Agile transformation.

Another reason for his trip to Belfast was to present at Spring Bash – “Scaling Agile” – jointly organised and sponsored by Liberty IT and Instil.  Attended by over 200 IT professionals from across Northern Ireland, Scott guided his audience through the principles of the Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) process decision framework, detailing how DAD provides a solid foundation from which to scale Agile, teaching how Agile teams work at scale, and identifying several common scaling anti-patterns which should be avoided.

William Hamilton, Managing Director in Liberty IT notes, “Hosting such a renowned thought leader in the Agile world was a fantastic experience for our employees.  Getting the opportunity to engage with him and his principles provided some extremely useful and interesting insights.  We look forward to discovering ways to implement this learning within our own organisation in the near future.”

Scott Ambler


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