Liberty IT Signs Up For £ for lb Challenge

Liberty IT has signed up for Business in the Community’s £ for lb 12 week challenge.

The challenge, which is being supported by the Public Health Agency and Westfield Health, involves at least 500 employees from 20 companies across Northern Ireland taking part in a friendly competition to lose 12 – 24lb each in 12 weeks.

Cathy Donnelly, Liberty IT, explains: “We’ll be matching every pound lost by each of the 50 Liberty IT employees involved in £ for lb with a charitable donation to a local heart or cancer charity.”

Dr Eddie Rooney, Chief Executive of the Public Health Agency explains: “Obesity continues to be one of the most important public health challenges facing Northern Ireland. Its impacts are wide-ranging and the financial costs are high. According to the Future Choices report, ‘the cost to the economy in the UK is predicted to rise to £50 billion a year by 2050’ and in a NI Health Survey in 2011/12, it showed that ‘more than 3 in 5 adults in Northern Ireland are either overweight or obese’.”

Tanya Kennedy, Workplace Director, Business in the Community adds: “Workplace as a setting has a huge potential for beginning to tackle these issues. There are considerable benefits to the organisation by having a healthier, fitter and more engaged workforce and by helping employees begin to tackle their weight, responsible employers are contributing to overall societal benefits for Northern Ireland. Contributions to great local charities brings an added corporate responsibility bonus to the business.

Lorraine Milne from Westfield Health explains: “The weight of 27 average UK men is approximately 357 stone. That’s a considerable amount of excess pounds that people are carrying about unnecessarily. Through the £ for lb challenge, we aim to help employers inspire their employees to kick-start lifestyle improvements that will improve long-term health and wellbeing through healthy nutrition and regular exercise.”

This work-based weight loss programme aims to encourage employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle by participating in a twelve week programme. The challenge is supported by Westfield Health and the Public Health Agency under the umbrella of the “Choose to Live Better” campaign.

The overall results will be revealed in May.

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